Festival Program 2021

Naked Heart 2017

The Naked Heart Festival Program 2021
This year, all events are FREE and ONLINE!

The NAKED HEART program has 4 main session types:

PANELS: A panel is a group of speakers who discuss a topic with a moderator and some audience participation.
WORKSHOPS: Our workshops focus on building skills, insight and knowledge. They are often interactive and are led by someone experienced and skilled on their topic.
READINGS: This is your classic literary event – it is a gathering of writers reading brief selections of their writing. There may be time for audience questions at the end.
BOOK LAUNCHES: Introduction new queer books to you!

This year, all events will be online at GDTV.
GDTV is the Glad Day Lit ZOOM Channel.
You can log in here:

Meeting ID: 619-763-5308
Password is: 1970
And you can also phone in and listen: 647 558 0588


THE 2021


Thursday December 9th

PANEL : Queer Guys in Sci-Fi
Being an author in genre categories has its own unique challenges and market biases. How easy is it to explore same-sex relationships in science fiction, fantasy, horror, or magical realism? Are m/m relationships more palatable coming from women authors? Join authors from wildly different speculative fiction genres to explore the strange interplay of sexuality, gender and genre.

Dennis Staples
KD Edwards
MJ Lyons
Nathan Adler

Sunday December 12th

READING : Wet Ink, New Books
A plethora of new books by queer and trans authors were published this year. Come hear what just got on the bookshelves and what is coming soon.

Christopher DiRaddo
Daniel MacIvor
Helen Chau Bradley
Mathis Bailey

Monday December 13th

At Glad Day and on GDTV

WORKSHOP: Getting Published in Literary Magazines
Professor and Editor Matthew Harris guides us in a practical workshop on how to get published in literary magazines. Come hear all the tips, tricks and best practices.

Matthew Harris

Wednesday December 15th

PANEL : The Final Chapter
Writers discuss starts, stops, continues and finishing. What are the things we experience during the writing process and how can what we intended to write change as we write?

David Demchuk
S. Bear Bergman
Derrick Chow

Saturday December 18th

PANEL : (I wish we could stop) Talking About the Pandemic
Most of us are still experiencing pandemic fatigue, grief and disbelief. For all we have talked about it, some things still need to be said. And perhaps, for the writer, the pandemic was a paradox of chrysalis and crisis.

Bailey Gee
Shayda Kafai
Zena Sharman

Saturday December 18th

At Glad Day and on GDTV

BOOK LAUNCH – Blue Skinned Gods by SJ Sindu
Help us launch the new novel by SJ Sindu that Roxana Gay has said “ The richness of this story will take hold of you and never let go”. It is an afternoon at Glad Day of readings and celebration.

SJ Sindu
Isla McLaughlin
Joseph Donato

Sunday December 19th

PANEL : Dark Comedy – The Trauma and Humour Dance
So much of what is funny comes from a place of pain. What’s that all about? How can we work from a place of celebration, vulnerability or absurdity when we share our trauma? How do we give audiences permission to laugh with us, carefully?

Ashley T.
Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo
Jade Niles-Craig
Monica Garrido

Sunday December 19th

READING : Poetry as Revelation
Poetry that reveals and conceals. Pieces that expose our vulnerability and build our resilience.

Charlie Petch
Elizabeth Mudenyo
Hasan Namir

Tuesday December 21st

PANEL : The Trouble With Joy
How do we show queer joy in our writing? Why does so much queer writing seem joyless? How have we been able to find joy in our own lives or in our creative practice?

David Bateman
Karleen Pendleton Jiménez
Seán Carson Kinsella

Wednesday December 22

READING : Racialized is a Verb
Our annual line-up of racialized authors that leaves audiences stunned and strengthened.

Anuja Varghese
Cleopatria Peterson
Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch
Heath V. Salazar
Jody Chan